12/01/03 - Linda wins! Linda wins! I was right! I was right!

I love it when I can say I told you so. Joe Millionaire 2 may have been a commercial failure but it was still a great show. The first Joe Millionaire will always be the best, but this Joe Millionaire was better in one way: I think we may actually have seen two people fall in love.

The ending, as nice as it was, still seemed a bit suspicious. In the special info section on this site, it mentions how the producers manipulated the ending of the first Joe Millionaire to make it more suspenseful, so I wouldn't be surprised if they manipulated the ending of this one as well. I'm referring to the scene where David is waiting for Linda to show up and she never does. This gives an excuse to follow David home to a ranch which the producers just happen to plan on giving to him.

Oh, well, even if the finish was somewhat fixed, I really got the feeling that David and Linda's feelings are genuine. There is a brief article on the show in the newest People magazine, and David is quoted as saying that he think the relationship is going to last. I sure hope it does!

"My fifteen minutes are up."

Those were Evan Marriott's words at the VH1 Big 03 Year Awards when he was given the award for best TV reality star. I think he deserved the honor, and his very brief speech about his 15 minutes being up seemed right on the money. So long, Evan! Best of luck!

As for Zora, well, if you blinked then you missed her. I was hoping she would have a larger role, but it didn't happen. Still, it was nice to see Evan, Zora, Sarah, and Paul together one last time. They make one heckuva quartet!

11/08/03 - I can't believe Linda was eliminated! If she hadn't asked David to eliminate her, I really think she would have gone all the way. Zora told me that she could really relate to Linda's situation, because there was a time when Zora wanted to leave (in Paris after that bad date with Evan!) Anyway, I've posted some very nice modeling pictures of Linda in the photo section. And in the links section, you can find the address of Sarah Kozer's website.

10/29/03 - Joe Millionaire 2 has been a lot of fun to watch so far. Although Monday's episode was kind of a bore, Tuesday's episode more than made up for it. The culture clash between David and the European women has been hilarious! By the way, Linda is going to win. She has been my pick from the very beginning.

10/23/03 - Iíve added three news articles about Joe Millionaire 2.

If you havenít heard by now, Joe Millionaire 2 flopped big time. It came in fifth, drawing about 6 million viewers. The first Joe Millionaire premiere drew around 17 million viewers. What happened?

I think itís obvious. The multi-million dollar lie has lost its intrigue.

That was the hook that got people to check out Joe Millionaire to begin with. What was a big factor in getting people to keep tuning in was that the people involved were interesting to watch. Like him or not, David Smith isnít as interesting as Evan was. And after the first episode, we didnít really get to know any of the individual women. Instead, they all just came across as unlikable.

On the other hand, the first episode of the original Joe clearly defined two of the women. Heidi was the bitch and Zora was the Cinderella. A lot of people have said they only watched because of Zora and were rooting for her to win from the very beginning. There was nothing to make us want to root for any of the women on Joe Millionaire 2 thus far.

Another likely problem is that people are catching on that most dating show contestants arenít looking for love. Money and fame, yeah, but love? Heck, no! Evan Marriott wasnít looking for love. Sarah Kozer has said that she only went on the show for the free vacation. Also, people now realize that happy endings rarely happen, and when they do, theyíre often forced or phony. Remember Evan and Zora? It was a beautiful ending, the best ending ever for any reality show. But were they in love? No way! (They only had 6 dates, after all.)

What would really help is if the producers could show that all these people are truly interested in finding a mate, instead of just going on the show for fun or for fame. At the end, one of the women named Cat (who, from what Iíve heard, will be the Heidi of this show) asked a very good question as to why a millionaire American would want to meet a European women. Hopefully, David can provide a decent answer.

Despite all this, I actually enjoyed Joe Millionare 2. Why? Well, Paul the butler alone is enough to make this show fun to watch. And David Smith really does come across as a genuinely nice guy, unlike Evan who often seemed like he was faking it throughout the whole thing.

Joe still has the best musical score of any reality TV series. Smithís entrance on his horse as he entered the gate to meet the women was just beautiful, and it just felt like a magical moment. At that point, I was hooked.

The intrigue of Joe Millionare 2 lies not in the $80 million lie, but in seeing how European women act on a reality show. It was hilarious how they were turned off when they heard Smith was a cowboy (a typical stereotype that Europeans have of Americans), and then they were turned on when they heard he was rich. And then they started doing cowboy dances and humming the theme song to Dallas! (J.R. Ewing is a typical image that foreigners have of Americans)

But do they really believe he has $80 million? Many of the original women (including Zora and Sarah) didnít believe Evan had $50 million, so I wouldnít be surprised if these women have serious doubts about Smithís fortune.

I canít help it. Iím going to be watching this show. Zora initially told me that she would not watch it, but she told me yesterday that she did and now she is also hooked!

In other exciting news, Zora is also going to be opening up a clothing store in the near future! She is also going to be endorsing a certain product. I will be sure to fill you in on the details once I have them.

If you haven't already heard, Zora also is starting a charity called PAWZ to help abused animals find homes, so her plate is pretty full right now. That woman is a true champion!

10/21/03 - Zora's Place gets its 10,000th hit!

10/18/03 - I've added photos for Joe Millionaire 2! As for what I think of the new Joe Millionaire, I'm curious enough to check out the first episode and the final episode, but I doubt I'll be watching every one. What made the first Joe Millionaire so great was not just the gimmick of the $50 million lie, but that Evan (whether you liked him or not) was an interesting personality to watch, as well as most of the other featured women like Zora, Sarah, Melissa M., and Mojo. It's hard to tell for sure at this point, but I get the feeling that this new Joe Millionaire David Smith is going to be kinda dull. We'll have to wait and see.

One thing that surprised me is that the producers would say the guy is worth $80 million this time around! Zora and Sarah have both said they had great doubts that Evan was rich because $50 million seemed pretty unlikely. You'd think the producers would have learned something from this and made the lie a bit more believable. Why not just say he has $5 million? My guess is that these women will also have a hard time buying that Smith is rich, but none of their voiced doubts will air. Hopefully, the producers have found in David Smith a guy who, unlike Evan, is actually looking for love. Though, when you think about it, any guy who is truly looking for love would probably not go on a show like Joe Millionaire!

So much about this show is so ludicrous it's kinda funny. It's been reported that David Smith is a rodeo cowboy who only makes $11,000 a year, even less than Evan's $19,000 a year. But still, for a lot of European women, $11,000 would seem like $80 million! Furthermore, the test of seeing if a woman will accept him when she learns he is broke is bogus because once the show airs he won't be broke anymore. He'll be both rich and a big celebrity. So it's really a question of whether she will accept a guy who is not rich but will be soon. Is this show crazy or what?

In case you're interested, Zora has told me she probably will not watch any of it.

09/22/03 - Important Announcement! Zora is going to start a charity to help abused animals called PAWZ. Its emphasis will be on helping dogs and cats. Eventually, the PAWZ website will be up and I will be sure to let everyone know the address. I think Zora has a great idea here, and I hope everyone gives her their support! Go Zora!

08/27/03 - I got together with Zora today! She is doing really well right now, and her fame has subsided to the point where she still gets recognized at times but people don't jump all over her. We talked a lot about Joe Millionaire and I learned some really interesting things about the show that hopefully I can put on the website soon! As for Zora's future endeavors, I'm not at liberty to go into anything right now, but she does have some projects in the works and hopefully I will have some news in the near future. Anyway, today I gave Zora a Joe Millionaire Monopoly game that I created, and I'm happy to say she was quite blown away. I have put pictures of the game on the site, as well as some astrology predictions that were made while the show was on. These are very interesting to read. I also have posted some episode guides for Joe Millionaire. They're pretty funny, especially Reality News Online's reviews of episodes 4 and 5! I highly recommend them!

07/31/03 - Zora's Place gets its 5000th hit! Also added a great article from the July 21, 2003 issue of Us Weekly magazine about Zora's trip to Serbia where she delivered toys and supplies to orphans. A wonderful article!

07/25/03 - Added photos from Zora Day as well as the phony Evan and Zora wedding photo from the tabloids!

07/16/03 - Added a second Joe Millionaire song! This one is a riot! Also added some photos of Sarah's bondage movies!

07/15/03 - Added a links section (which has an audio interview with Zora!), a quotes section, the Joe Millionaire song, more photos, and more inside info on Joe Millionaire!

07/04/03 - Added a bunch of new photos!

07/02/03 - Added two new sections: Special Inside Info on the Joe Millionaire Show - and The Chateau.

06/29/03 - Added a news story about Evan complaining about... Well, it's an interesting article.

06/28/03 - Added a message from Zora!! What could be better than that!! Also added a piece called "How I Know Zora", as well as more fan messages. Coming soon will be a section giving all sorts of inside info on the Joe Millionaire show! Lots of great stuff that Zora told me herself! Stay tuned!

06/20/03 - Added more comments from Zora fans as well as additional news articles on Zora!

02/17/03 - Zora's Place is created!

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