A Fairytale Plotted by a Legendary Fiend?

It appears Fox added a dash of Cinderella and a pinch of the Ugly Duckling to the magical pot that cooked up Joe Millionaire. Yet, it's the pot we should be concerned with now. Perhaps this enchanted vessel was fashioned by mythical Loki -- the Norse god who often echoed the last laugh. Enchantments crafted by Loki tend to have limited staying power. The question is, can each of us devote one more hour of our lives to learn whether or not this legendary fiend played a role in the Evan-Zora fairytale?

A quick recap of our prediction regarding Evan's final fate mentions a switch-a- roo of sorts. In the Future position, we note inverted Ansuz, the rune of wisdom in reverse. This rune forewarns that more trickery waits in the wings. More powerfully, it calls forth a particular kind of trickery; one brewed by the hand of Loki. Such concoctions rarely leave one placated for long. For instance, Zora the Warrior Princess is already voicing regrets about Evan. If he'd only been a horse, "that's who has my heart," says Zora, referring to the lovable beast that resides at the chateau.

Meanwhile, Evan is also voicing regrets about his final pick. We surmise that if Zora had a bit of Sarah in her heart, the post grand finale of Joe Millionaire might add up to true bliss. Sadly, this is not the case. Loki's naughty fingerprints -- and sly Fox editing -- have scandalized the fairytale. Better said, the duo of our favorite Norse trickster and Fox have added an epilogue to the storybook ending of Evan and Zora. But is this epilogue worth entertaining? This is the one true question that remains.

For a dose of reality, we believe tuning into CNN or MSNBC is time better spent this coming Monday. For a dose of mild drama and splendorous catfights -- Rrreer! -- tune into Fox. The real après moment of Joe Millionaire, however, will likely be revealed after the epilogue episode airs.

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