What about Melissa?

The runes suggest quite a quandary regarding Melissa as Evan's final pick. At first glance, the reading appears discombobulated at best. Is this due to the fact that Fox desires such uncertainty? Has Fox even managed to stunt the forecasting abilities of the ancient runes? We've included this tidbit about Melissa -- although she is no longer a contestant -- due to this reading's absolute oddness.

The best way to view this reading is to turn it upside down. This is a true sign that hands have worked to undermine our thought processes concerning Melissa's fate. So disconcerting is this reading, that we did a spot check -- we cast an additional rune to further determine the nature of this reading.

What surfaced was telling. The singlette confirmed one of two things, either Melissa doesn't stand a chance or forces are working very hard behind the scenes to make us believe she doesn't stand a chance.

Let's touch on the reading at hand and see what unearths. Hagalaz floats uncomfortably in the High Guidance position. This lofty realm is unbecoming of Hagalaz since it rules the dominion of time past. Yet, Hagalaz also rules forces and events that operate beyond our control. The latter concept may heed the great shake up that is due to occur regarding Melissa. Whatever we think may happen to her is being forcibly manipulated by a hand we cannot see. This hand clearly takes the form of a stylish Fox sage.

The Present position further undermines Melissa as an authentic choice. Mannaz reversed signifies that Melissa is immersed in her own world. In a relationship sense, this means that her neurotic self-centric worries (and bizarre dialog flubs) disrupt a potential union with Evan. Yet, the appearance of this rune may also have deeper meaning. Due to the upheaval of nearby Hagalaz, this rune may point to Evan choosing her not because he truly wants to, but because he must or face an army of feisty Fox producers.

This sense of reluctance on the part of Evan is also apparent by the rune perched in the Unconscious position. Raido reversed clearly says, "Avoid traversing a path with mercenary Melissa." But let's look to the rune in the Challenge position. Here, we have something that's a tad more upbeat. Gebo indicates that the challenge will be whether or not the two can join forces. Based on this highly curious reading, there are two potential ways to view this question. Can Evan authentically embrace a predestined union that is being influenced by a greater hand? More powerfully, what if Evan and Melissa's union is true, but is in essence being squashed by this greater hand?

The final important rune of the bunch rests in the Future position. Teiwaz reversed signals a disappointment in both a relationship and personal sense. One more rune that points to Melissa as a casualty, not the lucky pick. However, this same rune plays an important role in our ultimate question to the runes, "How will Evan's pick respond to the fact that he is somewhat penniless?" Such a parallel is too coincidental to overlook. Perhaps Melissa does stand a chance to don the final tiara.

Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.5.03

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