Will Evan choose Sarah as his final pick?

Carefree and adventuresome Sarah has grand potential in the eyes of Evan. Not only is she fun to neck with in the woods (and other places), Evan feels a growing connection to her. Something is emerging between this duo and both of them are tuned to this fact. Such shared synchronicity explains the devious and delicious smile of confidence that continually brightens Sarah's face.

Unlike Zora's reading, Sarah's is packed with heartfelt relationship runes. Riding high is the rune of Inguz, denoting the anticipation of a possibility being fulfilled. What will be rewarded -- at long last -- is that Sarah is the chosen one. This grand conclusion, and budding closeness between Evan and Sarah, has been building for some weeks.

The rune that falls in the Present position summons more of the same. Jera also speaks of a time-oriented process that's on the crux of fruition. The fruits this harvest may reap, again suggest the union of Evan and Sarah. Both Inguz and Jera fashion the same kind of energy that all meaningful unions require: a period of time prior to blossoming.

What seals the center vertical column, is yet another rune that favors the Evan- Sarah duo. Ehwaz, also known as the relationship rune, is situated in the Unconscious realm. The surfacing of Ehwaz here indicates the desire on the part of both Evan and Sarah to work harmoniously toward a common goal. This is true on both an emotional and physical level -- Ehwaz additionally describes the sensual desire shared between two people.

What truly compels the unification of this couple, however, is the rune that falls in the Future position. Gebo single handedly prompts the fate of this pair; it is the rune of equally embracing partnerships. It is also a rune that denotes making such commitments known, via the written or spoken word. This latter portion is the needed and blessed ingredient for Evan's lucky pick.

Nevertheless, there are two slight caveats that blight this nearly perfect reading. The first rests in the Challenge position. Kenaz is a wondrous rune of insight; how deep this insight may be is dependent upon the willingness of the receiver. We'll surmise that between the final two episodes, Evan clearly comes to know that Sarah is his pick -- for better or for worse. Imagine that Kenaz always reveals an eye-opening awakening. An event or conversation (amongst the fairytale seekers) may spark this awakening; just know that it will be a telling one. Hopefully, Fox will show us the drama Kenaz often conjures. They surely will, but likely after the fact, just to keep us guessing.

The second and more powerful area of hesitation rests in the Blind Spot position. Feuh reversed denotes the absence of cold, hard cash. It also indicates that Evan hasn't given his somewhat penniless situation enough thought in regards to Sarah. In other words, Evan has misplaced the reality that the mutual attraction shared by him and Sarah is propped up by false pretenses. This revelation will surely come into play at a climactic moment in the final episode.

Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.4.03

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