Will Evan choose Zora as his final pick?

The mysterious Zora -- who has lasted so long -- will undoubtedly leave a strong impression on Evan. But will he choose her as his final pick? This is the question we have put forth to the runes.

Zora exudes a brilliant shine of protection; the rune that symbolizes the mighty hammer of Thor crowns her reading. There is little access into this young woman and there is little escape from her formidable powers as well. Evan has summoned a tricky situation by keeping Zora at his fingertips.

The push and pull tension fashioned by Thurisaz always denotes a powerful conflict within the heart. Is this tension due to the fact that Zora continues to defy Evan with her lack of trust? What must Evan do to gain her trust? This reading hints that Zora's shielding nature may push Evan to a perimeter where he cannot easily return. If there were only more time and authentic circumstances, suggests this rune, the two might develop a warmer space to share.

Ungracefully positioned nearby is Raido reversed. This rune trumpets a familiar message in Evan's ear, "You've gone down such a path with a woman before." The rune in the Known Lesson position couldn't be more on point. Given that Evan has experienced a comparable energy to Zora in the past, he might already imagine an outcome to this pair's potential. "It's a reach," he may well admit internally.

The rune that falls in the Present position shores up a similar sign of defeat. It steadily thumps, "The timing is not right for Zora and Evan." Algiz reversed commonly reveals an unripe opportunity. In a relationship sense, this rune frequently summons a lack of genuine nurturing between two people. For instance, Zora's overly protective stance -- in an effort to protect her own being -- is causing an emotional rift in the union. Not to mention that her unique psychic abilities are causing a physical rift. Although Evan finds Zora intriguing, he doesn't have time to sleuth her undertones. But Evan does enjoy a mystery, which is why he invites Zora to stick around for the last episode. Events that occur between now and the final episode will indeed generate more tension amid this pair. A final dismissal is due to arrive that forces Evan to choose between Zora and the remaining damsel. Will Evan idealize Zora for her down to earth and seemingly modest nature? Or will Evan give her the boot? This reading suggests that our beloved, bikini posing, Evan will at the last moment - - and with a torn heart -- decide to send Zora home without the final tiara. But we'll leave the door slightly ajar for dear Zora. With Pertho, the rune of fate, resting slyly in the Destiny position and Fox manning the perpetually misleading edits, we simply can't be sure.

Lastly, the runes also add that Evan will be advised to choose Zora over her remaining counterpart, perhaps by the fine butler. After all, many spoken words by Evan suggest that he truly seeks the woman that will adore him for him, not adore him for his presumed wealth. Zora fits this bill beautifully. Evan, however, is simply having too much fun with Sarah and is too trusting of her affection as well.

Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.4.03

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