How will Evan's pick respond to the fact that he is somewhat penniless?

What do the runes reveal about Evan's final fate? Will he choose the right girl; the one who truly admires his genuine qualities? Will a relationship ensue or will a dismissal be at hand? This is the most fascinating reading of the bunch, sure to arouse anticipation, suspicion and delight.

When the lucky pick takes her final cue in the glittering limelight, expect her to radiate triumph. After all, what enabled this moment of glory can be cracked up to her impressive will power and mysterious supremacy. It makes perfect sense that the glorious rays of Sowulo crown her reading. This rune represents blessed individuality, the promise of victory, and is celebrated as the highest form of guidance around. Your personal illumination is Sowulo's command. The beloved pick could not begin to ask for a more bountiful rune in the High Guidance position. Yet, with Sowulo's extraordinary dose of power also comes a reckoning. This is especially intriguing due to the nearby rune Dagaz. The two together offer a powerful jolt, one that may leave a hair-raising aftershock. But before examining the meaning of this jolt, let's partake in a quick trip down memory lane.

In the Past position lies Algiz, also known as the adventure rune. Is it possible to sum up the Joe Millionaire phenomenon by any other means? These brave and sometimes brazen contestants have certainly expanded themselves into new territories and beyond. The question is, "Will the runes reveal that this illustrious quest has a bittersweet ending?"

As we move into the Present position, we note a strange little rune that hangs over its head. Pertho reversed, snuggled securely in the Known Lesson position, signifies the need to air ones cupboards. Put another way, it indicates the necessity of karmic retribution if one does not air his or her cupboards. Needless to say, the secret that Evan must reveal to his chosen one will undoubtedly lead to drama.

Once the unpleasant surprise is exposed, expect the coroneted queen's delightful smile to vanish. Few people respond graciously to the rune that best expresses the lucky pick's reaction. Teiwaz reversed, situated in the center, always denotes a ruse of sorts. Whether this ruse stems from the self or was inflicted by another is open to debate. Yet, this rune usually suggests a loss followed by a disappointment. The feeling of being "wronged" comes to mind, just as the feeling of playing by ill-conceived rules does.

Would such an ending be appropriate for the series? Will our snow bunny or slimly chanced Zora be expecting more high-flying, wealth-spun fun, or will either simply be happy donning the final tiara? The latter is a feat, is it not? We think the chosen one will realize this last tidbit. Yet, this reading also suggests that our dear lady -- or a mastermind at Fox -- will unleash an additional bombshell. Recall the dynamic duo of Sowulo and Dagaz. This surprise may entail Sarah or prophetic Zora exhibiting her authentic self, one uninhibited by frequent pretenses. This après moment is sure to leave viewers riveted, if not appalled.

Our visionary powers limit us to say precisely what drama will unfold. But it appears that the lucky pick will ultimately reject our lanky, Speedo sporting Evan. If for any reason she does respond positively to the news of Evan's impoverished reality, it will be for the camera's eyes-only and the betterment of her career. Yet this mini prediction is quite time sensitive. Life is too short and the number of eligible young men is too great for Sarah to stick to Evan for long. If the slim chanced Zora wears the tiara, she has more important duties at hand than hobnobbing with Evan -- back to substitute teaching just to name one.

What we do know regarding the final drama is that more trickery lies in the wings. Will Fox fool Evan, Sarah, Zora and the viewing audience a final time? The Future position holds the rune of wisdom in reverse. Inverted Ansuz typically reveals the crossing of communication wires. Yet, a true information jumble occurs when multiple players are involved. More specifically, there may be a third party who is actively running interference, compounding this confusing situation further. We surmise that this third party is indeed Fox.

Lastly, we would be remiss to exclude a final gesture offered by the runes. In the Destiny position lies Feuh, the rune that denotes cold, hard cash. We certainly know that Evan is destined for wealth. In fact, his career is on fire. But what does the presence of this rune mean in regards to the question posed, "How will Evan's pick respond to the fact that he is somewhat penniless?" Perhaps the queen will be given a going away prize. Perhaps with newly adorned careers, neither damsel will miss a dime of Evan's supposed fortune or his sweet kisses.

Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.4.03

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