The Runes Predict Evan's Final Fate

Who will don the final tiara on the last episode of Joe Millionaire? The runes unveil Evan's lucky pick and describe her response to his pennilessness.

How will Evan's pick respond to the fact that he is somewhat penniless?

What do the runes reveal about Evan's final fate? Will he choose the right girl; the one who truly admires his genuine qualities? Will a relationship ensue or will a dismissal be at hand? Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.4.03

Will Evan choose Zora as his final pick?

The mysterious Zora -- who has lasted so long -- will undoubtedly leave a strong impression on Evan. But will he choose her as his final pick? This is the question we have put forth to the runes. Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.4.03

Will Evan choose Sarah as his final pick?

Carefree and adventuresome Sarah has grand potential in the eyes of Evan. Not only is she fun to neck with in the woods (and other places), Evan feels a growing connection to her. Something is emerging... Divined 2.1.03 Posted 2.4.03

What about Melissa?

Has Fox managed to stunt the forecasting abilities of the ancient runes? We've included this tidbit about Melissa -- although she is no longer a contestant -- due to this reading's absolute oddness. Divined 2.1.03 | Posted 2.5.03

Zora the Warrior Princess is Fittingly Crowned

The zesty powers of Thurisaz, the rune that oversees Zora's reading, were underestimated on our part. We should have known better. One should never discount the rune best represented by the hammer of Thor. Posted 2.18.03

Fairytale Plotted by a Legendary Fiend?

It appears Fox added a dash of Cinderella and a pinch of the Ugly Duckling to the magical pot that cooked up Joe Millionaire. Yet, it's the pot we should be concerned with now. Posted 2.24.03

Enter Zora's Place