'Joe Millionaire' a Toll Dodger

The construction worker who masquerades as a wealthy bachelor in Fox Television's upcoming reality program "Joe Millionaire" apparently is, in real life, really low on cash. Because Evan Marriott, the TV show's 28-year-old star, was recently nabbed by California Highway Patrol officers for "toll evasion" on an Orange County highway. Since it's unclear where Marriott's trip started, he likely owed the Golden State somewhere between 50 cents and $2.50. Marriott, driving a 2001 Ford truck registered to a California construction company, was cited for blowing through a toll plaza on State Road 73 near Irvine (below you'll find the ticket he was handed by a CHP officer). Marriott pleaded guilty and paid a $104 fine in connection with the September 25 incident. "Joe Millionaire," which debuts January 6, features Marriott--posing as a guy who just inherited $50 million--"looking for a special someone to share his newfound wealth." The joke, of course, is on the 20 female contestants, who will learn that Marriott is, according to Fox, "just a regular 'Joe' and his wealth is a fašade."

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