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Q. I would like to ask you so many different questions! What do you think of Joe Millionaire?

A. Wendy, youíre flip-flopping programs on me! The concept might be entertaining to some, but our Joe has no winning trump card in his hand. He is not only going to get nailed, in the end, for not being a millionaire, but, also, for looking at the person he is supposed to have feelings for, right in the eyes, and lying. Iíd say, for most women, the second offence is worse than the first. Of course, Iím basing that last opinion on the feelings of the average woman, and not on some of the materialistic ladies who stayed at the Chateau. Iíd say Joeís chances of being accepted, in the end, are almost at floor level, unless the lady in question is totally mesmerized by his looks, which seems to be his only trump card. She better take him for what he is, a likeable, carefree, laid back rebel who is happy just enjoying life, and who refuses to complicate himself too much. Professionally, he is not going anywhere, unless this show opens opportunities for his modeling career.


Q. One quick question about Joe Millionaire: Whatís your opinion on Joe and his current choices?

A. I see itís two for one day again; you canít get Joe off these interviews!

Q. Come on A.T., a lot of people want to hear what you have to say about this show.

A. I canít discuss much about that program; my heart is not in it. I will say one thing, though, I believe women are getting a bum wrap here. Certainly there will always be materialistic individuals, from BOTH sexes, whose aim is to marry someone wealthy, but I honestly believe this not to be the norm. I can not reproach a young lady wishing to marry someone who will be a positive force in the relationship, and who is able to offer her a better and more comfortable life than the one she currently has. This especially rings true if she has had to struggle to get herself to where she currently is in life. I know romantic novels are full of cases where the wealthy beauty falls deeply in love with the ranch hand or chauffeur, but this happens very rarely in real life. People also have to consider the intellectual differences between both parties, something crucial for any long-term relationship to flourish. Ask yourself what common intellectual subjects will the couple talk about after the romantic encounter is over. This becomes more and more important, as the relationship progresses and the initial ďfireĒ dies down. You have to remember my clarification as to what chemical process in the brain causes what people call ďlove at first sightĒ, which I explained on an earlier interview. Even though he might be a hunk, like in Joeís case, or a beauty, in the case of a woman, an intellectually boring and unexciting person can become very challenging to be with, after the initial physical attraction has died down. Most people realize there has to be more than that, in order to be happy in any long-term relationship. Women, as a whole, are wiser and more practical than men are, when relationships are concerned, and to try to obtain a better quality life for herself and her future children is not being a gold digger, in my opinion.

On the other hand, there will always be materialistic fortune hunters like Heidi, which will do and say practically anything to obtain her goals, but I could also say the same about some men. Having said that, our friend Joe worries me a little. Honestly now, there is something about him that makes me believe there is more to our Joe than meets the eye. To say all construction workers are as simple-minded and intellectually boring as he is would be an insult to blue collar workers. Our Joe appears to be too prehistoric for an average construction worker, and makes me wonder just how hard is he trying to portray himself as an ignorant barbaric. Iíve met some blue collar workers who would give Aaron Burgee a run for his money, and being poor is no excuse for not having the most basic of manners when dealing with women, since learning good manners is free for everyone. I would venture to say his financial situation and what he does for a living has very little to do with his lack of meaningful relationships. Someone with his looks is always going to have the classical group of admirers, but, I assure you, none of them are going to be modern everyday working women. Itís no wonder why Zora, Alison, and some others in the group, have been turned off by him, and no amount of money in the world would make some of the ladies involved in this show decide to marry him. Zora is an intelligent young lady, who, I am certain, caught on to him after his slip on their one on one date, even though she might never admit to it in front of the cameras.

Generally speaking, women are more intuitive than men are. Our Joe is a very simple man to decipher. He normally speaks in monosyllables and broken sentences, something that has turned out to be to his advantage, since he projects more mystery when he is silent than when he interacts with any of them on a one to one basis, when he never appears to have anything interesting to say. He also has an awkward and unflattering way of treating the ladies, showing a distanced attitude and total lack of respect for them. Anyone who paid close attention to his face expressions, body language and words when he was interrogating Zora at the restaurant will have a clear picture of our boy, and it is a disturbing sight. There is something child-like about his personality I can not place a finger on, since the showís producers have made a point of not showing Joe interacting with the ladies too much. I now understand why they also decided to keep our Joe away from one on one dates, as long as possible.

I feel they would have done a more interesting program by choosing, for example, as our Joe, a handsome struggling unknown actor with a perky personality and good sense of humor. Someone who not only could effectively portray a new millionaire of two years, but also would have had some real chemistry with the ladies, preventing this show from becoming monotonous. In My opinion, Paul, the butler, with his dry sarcastic humor and side remarks, has more entertaining qualities about him than our Joe. That is why I usually speak so highly of Aaron, in Bachelor II, for his personality and charisma is what kept those episodes lively throughout the weeks it aired, and gave ABC the ratings the show enjoyed. I believe itís not enough to have a handsome hunk, or a beautiful lady as lead on these types of programs. They must choose someone who is able to control and keep the interest of the suitors, and the viewers, for several weeks, a very difficult quality for someone to possess. Finally, I will say the last episode of this show promises to be somewhat interesting and perhaps surprising to watch.


Q. Iíve got tons of questions today! I was dying to know your opinions, as I watched last nightís episode, and desperately wanted this moment to come. I would like to begin by changing things around and will probably surprise you by asking your opinion on the last episode of Joe Millionaire.

A. Wendy, your question does not surprise me, since Iím also beginning to know YOU pretty well. Honestly, I canít get my interest focused on this program. There are no interactions between our Joe and the ladies, and I havenít seen one meaningful conversation between Evan and any of them, considering they have been together for several weeks now. I have noticed none of the ladies are remotely attached to him, and this is evident by the reactions and comments from the ones he lets go. MoJo, in my opinion, made a deadly mistake at showing Evan the million-dollar check she made out to herself and had inserted in her album. Now, how direct and tacky can you get? I am certain she wrote it on her way to France, for very few people will do this just to set a goal out for themselves, and it was not very smart of her to assume our Joe would be impressed by it.

I feel the ones staying are only determined to win, and not precisely win Evanís heart, as it should be. I believe Zora is a nice lady, but is emotionally scarred from some past event, and is a very difficult person to get to know. She is also too intelligent to have clicked with Evan, and finds him boring. Both Melissa and Sarah are in it for the money, of course, and are not impressed by our Joe, specially as marriage material. For me, the highlight of the evening was Melissaís comical attempt to prepare a simple salad, and her conversation with Evan stating she would like to have millions to go to third world countries and distribute food and supplies to the children. I was drinking a cup of coffee and almost gagged on that one. I canít envision someone who was complaining about getting food under her fingernails traveling to Africa and spending time among the needy, unless she envisions herself being comfortably flown over the villages, for a couple of days, and throwing supplies out the airplane window. Even our boy picked up on it!

There are two people whom I would love to have seen go all the way, Heidi and Melissa. I would enjoy seeing their faces when the truth was finally revealed! Heidi is gone, but I still hold some hope for Melissa, it would make watching this show worthwhile! On a comical note, I believe Melissa and Sarah would keep anyone on a constant diet of frozen dinners and fast foods for the rest of their lives, perhaps doing something challenging on special occasions by opening a couple of cans of spaghetti and meatballs as a special treat. Now donít get angry with me, ladies, I honestly am a number one supporter of the modern day professional, let it be male or female, but that doesnít mean having a career is a passport for being completely useless at home.

Kidding aside, I believe the only interesting part of this whole series will be, as I mentioned earlier, the last episode, since I honestly do not see Evan having any deep feelings for any of the ladies. I donít care if he say otherwise, his face expressions and body language tells me he is just getting as much mileage as possible from the hot tub and the bushes surrounding the chateau.


Q. You know this is coming; talk to me about Joe Millionaire.

A. I must confess this show is beginning to get interesting for me. Last week, I wanted to see Melissa go all the way, just so I could see her reaction to Evanís confession. I changed my mind several days ago when I learned of the true identity of Sarah, who fooled everyone with her sophisticated appearance, and has several low budget bondage films under her belt. I was incredulous until someone directed me to the Internet site where she has star billing, with a reference to her being of Joe Millionaire fame. Sometimes life has a tendency to award justice, when it is less expected, and I canít see a better ending to this farce than to have her be Joeís final choice. These feelings of ultimate justice are what this program is supposed to generate in the viewers. No one wants to see ďLittle Red Riding HoodĒ suffering because of the big lying wolf, that would be too sad, but most people do want to see a materialistic, self absorbed, promiscuous female getting exposed on national TV for what she is.

Quite frankly, I donít know which of them is going to shock the other one more, Evan or Sarah, when they eventually learn each otherís secret. I only wish Zora is sent home next week, for she has been one of the few women in the group who has always portrayed herself with certain elegance and only normal interest in the material luxuries surrounding the show. As a curious note, I believe there is some hidden reason for Zora to be so determined not to expose herself in a bathing suit. I do not think is simply because she believes to be a couple of pounds overweight, which, in my humble opinion, she isnít, for she looks just fine to me. Anyway, that would not make any sense, for she isnít THAT shy, and there are one-piece bathing suits that can make anyone look good. There is something secretive about Zora, but I am afraid we will never find out, even though I have a pretty good hunch as to what it is.

Moving along, I feel we must all be realistic and accept a certain amount of interest and excitement from someone who is possibly going to marry a person worth millions. After all, no one is perfect, and even I wouldnít mind owning Joeís chateau in France, if I had the opportunity. I honestly believe Zora would accept the lie and go back to a normal lifestyle with her Joe, if she would have clicked with him and had fallen in love. This is not the case, though; she has no romantic feelings towards Evan.

Q. Who will he choose in the end?

A. Honestly, I donít have the least idea, since I can guarantee he has no deep feelings for any of the ladies there. I feel his reasons for choosing one over the other will be as inconsequential as most of the on-air comments heís been making for the last few weeks. I sense he is attracted to Zora because he finds her intriguing and mysterious. On the other hand, he likes Sarah because he finds her sexy, sophisticated and classy, qualities he apparently has not been able to find in any of the women he has met so far in his life. The final choice is a toss of the coin, but, for the benefit of the show, and my personal satisfaction, I would say I am leaning towards Sarah, so donít hold it against me if I am wrong. After all, I am human.


Q. Iíd like to get a couple of topics out of the way before I ask you about last nightís Bachelorette reunion show. First, talk to me about this last episode of Joe Millionaire.

A. I was under the impression this Monday was the finale, but later found out, to my dismay, we must endure another two-hour episode to see the ending. Like I said earlier, this program has not been too interesting for me, mostly because, in my opinion, they chose the wrong person to play Joe. I can practically guarantee not one of the ladies involved has developed any feelings for Evan, even with his supposed fifty million. He has been somewhat detached from personally getting to know these women, concentrating instead on trying to guess who was interested in him for his money and enjoying himself whenever someone offered him the opportunity. FOX producers edited the show in a way that leaves the viewers without really getting an insight of the womenís personalities. Even our Joe is another mystery, for he has constantly tried to come across as an ignorant barbarian, perhaps intentionally. On one of my previous interviews I mentioned there was more to Evan than met the eye, and apparently that is the case.

I also mentioned Zora was definitely hiding something, but I will let it go at that. I am not able to confirm my suspicions about her, and, I donít feel comfortable divulging a simple hunch, knowing there are literally thousands of readers who follow these interviews and would possibly take my words as fact, although I have always said I do this for entertainment purposes only. It is impossible to predict anything on this show, because almost everything involved with it is based on lies and selective editing. The ladies have been deceived from the very beginning, and there is something about Evan he has been trying very hard to hide. To top it off, it now appears the showís producers have not given the viewers all the facts, since there is a final twist to the story.

In my opinion, this show is based more on fiction than reality TV. The only predictions I will make is that Evan is NOT in love with any of the two finalists, nor are they in love with him. He might be choosing the lady he likes the most, but there are no deep-rooted feelings for either one. After a brief glance at Evanís ex-girlfriend, I would tend to go with Sarah as his final choice, but donít hold me to it. Sarah is definitely interested in Evan for the money, and Zora has known for some time our Joe is not being truthful, and is just playing along to see what happens. Apparently next weekís episode will feature a sort of reunion with the ladies he has let go. It might be interesting to see how many of them try to save face by saying they really liked Evan, and would have gone out with him even if he is a construction worker. I believe a select few would have settled for a blue collar worker if they would have developed deep feelings towards him, but that did not happened in Evanís case. Remember I am talking about a long-term relationship and possible marriage, not a few casual dates with a good-looking guy.


Now, lets get down to the surprising ending of Joe Millionaire. Please give us your intake on this.

A. This journey has been an experience for me that began as a chore, which I painstakingly endured all these weeks, watching episode after boring episode, but culminated with an ending I could not be happier with. I donít even feel disappointed for missing out on seeing Sarah win, and her reaction at finding out the truth. Enough about ďplastic SarahĒ, for this is Zoraís night. For once Evan used some common sense with his final choice, I even believe there might be some hope for him in the end. Evan might not be extremely articulate, and has the manners of a horse, but he appears to be a pretty noble and straightforward person, with no malice in his heart. It was sort of touching to see this gentle giant struggling to put his thoughts into words and the ring on Zora. I was extremely happy to see, after six weeks, both finally realized they indeed had something in common after all, BIG KNUCKLES.

Q. Do you believe their relationship will last?

A. I donít believe Evan and Zora will end up together in the long run, for there are no deep feelings on either side, but that is not the main issue. What I believe to be important is the fact this experience had a happy ending for both, and I am extremely delighted for them.

Q. You did always speak highly of her, even though you secretly wanted to Sarah to win, and then, get knocked down her high horse.

A. Youíre correct, I am human, after all, and have my little eccentricities. I have always liked Zora, she was my personal favorite all along, as you well know. I am glad a fairy tale of sorts did touch her life, for she is a unique individual who deserves a break. Anyone who came up from poverty to become a teacher, dedicating her life to children and the elderly, has to be a special individual. I personally know and deal, on a professional level, with some of these outstanding people, and all share similar admirable qualities. I never thought I would be saying this, but I must compliment the producers and Fox Network. I liked the reversal they did when Zora was shown waiting for Evan first, which gave the impression she was not the one chosen, and finally, by having such an outstanding ending.

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