Joe Millionaire Review - by Spectrum Magazine

Joe Millionaire: With every episode, watching this show gets weirder, creepier, and more uncomfortable (not that we're about to stop). Joe takes the last three girls on overnight dates to spend some time alone. But wait--how alone can they be? The cameras are still there recording everything, along with the crew, producers, and whoever else. And some shots just seem too perfect to be spontaneous. How much is being staged or re-shot for the cameras? We're glad to see Melissa go, but look at who is left. Sarah seems way too interested in the money, and Zora seems too little interested in anything at all. What a choice! But both are gorgeous and intriguing, though in different ways. And you have your blond on one side and brunette on the other. Light and dark. Revelation and mystery. David Lynch would love this set-up (not that we imagine he's watching the show). We're glued to the TV. (As for the other "reality" shows, we can't even name them all, let alone have any interest in watching them, except for occasionally checking in with Survivor. There's just something about Joe Millionaire....)

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