‘Next Joe Millionaire’ Changes Its Schedule Yet Again

By David Bloomberg -- 11/05/2003

Last week, Fox pulled The Next Joe Millionaire from its Tuesday night slot, choosing to replace it with reruns and the like. This brought the show down to once a week, airing only on Monday nights at 8/7 Central.

But then Fox decided to cancel Skin, their other low-rated Monday night show. So now they were faced with the decision of what to put in that timeslot. Apparently they were all out of reruns because they decided to put a second episode of The Next Joe Millionaire in that slot!

The Next Joe has had poor ratings from the outset, and they’ve only gotten worse. I thought that by removing the Tuesday episode, the show might have a better chance to catch on with audiences as it would be on for twice as long. Now, however, we’re right back to where we were previously, with the only difference being that at least viewers won’t have to remember to watch the show on two different nights.

Mondays have suddenly become Joe RealityDatingShow’s biggest night. Fox gives us two Joe Millionaires, immediately followed by NBC’s Average Joe, which is doing much better in the ratings than Joe Millionaire. Fox’s Joe will run twice a night for the next two weeks (the 10th and the 17th). Then on November 24, there will be a two-hour finale. With all of these changes, they must have had butler Paul Hogan record and rerecord several different versions of his end-of-show fireside chat holding the brandy – last week he told viewers the next show would be Tuesday, this past Monday he said it would be next week, now he’ll have to say it’s following immediately.

At first it seemed odd that Fox would replace one losing show with another, especially since only three episodes of Skin have aired while eight have already been filmed. However, the latest ratings have Skin getting only 4.2 million viewers – even less than Joe’s 6 million. While the show is still losing to just about everything else on network television, that’s still 50% more viewers!

As the show continues to cut down the number of ladies and viewers become more familiar with them, there is still the possibility that ratings will increase. But several of the most recognizable and entertaining were sent packing this week, which certainly won’t help matters.

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