Zora hangs tough on ‘Joe Dough’


For the second week in a row, Lambertville’s "Joe Millionaire" contestant has proven she has staying power and now the hype is she may end up winning the show. Zora Andrich, 29, has lasted through two cuts of women on Fox’s new twisted reality program. She’s watched her competition for "Joe Millionaire" -- who really is 28-year-old Evan Marriott, a construction worker who makes $19,000 a year -- dwindle from 19 women to just four in two weeks. And now, as the show gears up for some personal time between the remaining five women and Marriott, fans seem sure Andrich is "the one."

"I actually think Zora is very genuine, she has the vote hands down," one fan wrote on the Internet message board joe-millionaire.com. "Go Zora! You are the all-around girl." Another admirer on the website agreed.

"She has class, humor and good sport written all over her," the person wrote. "I don’t think that this is the best way to get a husband, but of all (the women) I think she would be able to handle it when it’s revealed that (Marriott) doesn’t have money and go with what’s in front of her." The fans say Andrich is the most real person on the show. They like that she does not seem to be acting to impress Marriott, which is one of the primary reasons why they think she’ll win.

"I think she may be as close to the real deal as (Marriott) is going to get," a Fox fan wrote. "I loved her attitude (Monday). She went the extra mile by actually doing a good job and not just participating to please Evan."

As part of her group date with Marriott on the last show, Andrich had to scoop manure out of horse stalls and lay fresh hay down. Out of the four contestants assigned to the task, Andrich did it with the most gusto and Marriott realized it.

During the course of the show the supposed millionaire said he liked that Andrich never complained.

Fox has started to reveal more information about each of the remaining women competing for "Joe Millionaire." According to the network’s Web site, Andrich describes herself as compassionate, kind, silly and imaginative.

Her favorite colors are white and aqua blue and her favorite flower is the calla lily. Her favorite food types are Italian and Japanese and her favorite drinks are a cosmopolitan and apple martini.

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