Things I've Learned from Watching The Next Joe Millionaire

November 24, 2003

By Hilary M.G.T.

1. Americans don't understand Europeans. Even when they speak English, they must have subtitles.

2. Apparently European women don't watch American television. (Those who forget history and doomed to repeat it.)

3. Even though it "just ain't right" to lie to a woman, no one's willing to stop lying when there's money at stake. Therefore it's okay to lie if there's a few hundred grand at stake.

4. Women always forgive the man for lying when there's a few hundred grand at stake.

5. The guy always chooses the one who plays harder to get.

6. Even an intelligent person who detests reality shows can get sucked into a two-hour season finale laden with commercial breaks starring two uninteresting people when its full of hokey cliff-hangers.

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