In Reality, Joe Millionaire is Good as Gold

By Carol Beggy and Mark Shanahan

Boston, April 16, 2004

BETTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE JOE We can't believe we're writing this, because like you we already had our minds made up about reality TV pioneer and the original "Joe Millionaire," Evan Marriott. But here it is, folks: He's a great guy. After listening to Marriott talk about a hundred different subjects over lunch at the Palm in Copley Square yesterday, we're among the converts. Marriott is in town tonight from 9 to 11 at the Rack, recruiting potential contestants for "Fake-A-Date," in which one person gets two dates, one with an actual suitor and the other faking the whole shebang to win a prize. In a turnabout from his "Joe Millionaire" days, Marriott gets to host the show and watch as others pretend to be something they are not. So back to 29-year-old Marriott. Is he as stupid as they made him out to be on the Fox show? No. "But I can see how people think that," he said. "They'd always cut me off or edit it to make me sound like I was from a trailer park in Virginia." (So Mr. Smartypants, what are you reading? David McCullough's "John Adams," Marriott answered.)

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