Joe Millionaire Links

Joe Millionaire - the official website of the TV show.

Zora - The only other Zora site I know of. Lots of great photos of Zora!

Sarah Kozer Enterprises - the official website of Sara Kozer, first runner-up of the original Joe Millionaire.

Reality News Online - The best and funniest Joe Millionaire episode reviews I have read. Some of them had me laughing so hard I was in tears!

Television Without Pity - This site also has some interesting reviews of the show. - the official website of Melissa Joe "Mojo" Hunter.

You can send fan mail to Mojo at MOJOFANS@YAHOO.COM

Sirlinksalot - The very best site for Joe Millionaire links.

Reality TV Links: Joe Millionaire - Even more Joe Millionaire links!

An Audio Interview with Zora - requires RealPlayer.

Sheba's Galaxy: The Ultimate Battlestar Galactica Information Site - Okay, it's not Zora or Joe Millionaire related, but it is the other site I run. If you've ever had any interest at all in Battlestar Galactica, this site has more information than any out there!

Greg Le Millionairre - The French version of Joe Millionaire!

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