Special Inside Info on the Joe Millionaire Show

Here is a ton of special info I've gathered on the show from various sources including Zora herself. Zora has told me a lot of very interesting details about the show, but has asked that I not post most of it yet because she has a few interviews coming up, and it could potentially hurt the marketability of those interviews if too much of this information got out too soon. Still, there's some good stuff here. I will add more things to this section when Zora lets me know it's okay.

Zora and Evan were never really a couple.

Zora had doubts much of the time that Evan really had $50 million. So did many of the other women.

The scene where Evan tells Zora the truth actually lasted about an hour. It was heavily edited (as was the entire show), and what we saw was quite different from what actually happened. When Evan told her that he didn't have $50 million, her reaction was "I knew it! I knew it!" As you might guess, the producers were less than thrilled with this, so they reshot the scene. It was all very forced.

Evan has said that he preferred Sarah, but he chose Zora because the purpose of the show was to find a woman who was not into his money. After the first week, he knew that Zora would be the one. It was reported recently that Evan, on the talkshow circuit in Canada, suggested that the producers urged him to pick Zora, and that he was actually hot for one of the production people, not any of the women on the show. Sarah has said that the producers led her to believe that she would be Evan's choice.

Evan has also said that he would be interested in dating Sarah somewhere down the line, but she has publicly said no. He has also said that when he rode up on that horse and looked at all the women, he felt like turning around and riding away because he was used to better! I think it's clear that Evan did the show just to be on TV, not to find a girlfriend or the love of his life.

Evan did not sleep with any of the women.

Nothing happened between Evan and Sarah in the woods. The producers set the whole thing up, and the production crew spliced in certain lines such as Sarah saying "Think it'll go better lying down?" Sarah had said this to Melissa two days earlier.

Sarah has said that she didn't want Evan to pick her, she didn't have romantic feelings for him, and she even told him that she wouldn't mind if he eliminated her. She was there for the free trip to France. Still, there were certainly times during the show where it appeared that she really wanted to win (unless she was faking it). Sarah has said she was misled about the show, that she was told it was going to be like Sex and the City with women in France looking for love.

Zora has said that the portrayals of the women were mostly accurate.

There were very long stretches of time when the women had absolutely nothing to do. To make matter worse, they were not allowed to watch any television or listen to music. They also were not allowed any contact with friends or family.

The sudden fame that Zora gained from Joe Millionaire caused a lot of problems for her. Reporters descended on her hometown of Lambertville. For example, Fox News was staked outside her apartment. Even worse, someone put her address on the Joe Millionaire website message boards, and a lot of strangers showed up at her door. She was forced to completely move out of Lambertville. Fox paid for her to stay in a hotel while the show was airing. Sarah has also said that the fame was not necessarily a welcome thing. Her address was also put on the internet, and she too had stalkers showing up. People were literally attacked outside her door, and Fox did nothing to help her.

While the show as airing, the Smoking Gun website revealed that Sarah Kozer had previously starred in dozens of kinky bondage and fetish films that feature her being handcuffed, gagged, hog-tied, and bound with duct tape under the name Cindy Schubert. There is no sex or nudity in these films. Ironically, one movie has Kozer and a man as contestants on a reality television show offering a $1 million grand prize. The film, which opens with a crawl reading, "Reality Television Has Hit A New Low!," centers on a race between Kozer and her opponent--both of whom are bound and gagged--to be the first contestant to free themselves. Sarah has said that she did these films to help pay off huge student loans that she owed. The show listed her occupation as "Sales & Design".

The Smoking Gunn website also declared that Sarah would be the winner.

Paul and Sarah did not like each other. Paul thought is was "bloody rude" that she was late so much of the time.

Melissa M. (Mowery) was listed as being a customer service representative, but in reality she was a bartender in Minneapolis, MN. She reportedly is living with Sarah in Los Angeles as the two became very close during the show.

Melissa Jo "Mojo" Hunter has said that fame has been good to her. She has traveled to the Bahamas, Jamaica, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, pursuing opportunities in acting and meeting with agents. She had small parts on television shows "Son of the Beach" and "Charmed." Mojo has not spoken with Evan since being eliminated. She currently resides in Indianapolis.

Allison (the redhead) is an aspiring actress, and she moved from New York City to Hollywood after the show. She has said that she has found good opportunities there, though none of them are due to her Joe Millionaire exposure.

Sarah has said that none of the women were really into Evan. They were all just going through the motions. She also said that Mojo was "horrifying", but was edited in a way that made her look much better than she was.

When Zora had the dream that Evan was two different people, the rumors started flying on the internet that she was the actual millionaire and that she was a plant that the producers put on the show to mess with Evan's head. People speculated that the clue was in her name: And - rich.

The week before the final episode aired, there were strong rumors that Zora was the winner. As for the twist, there was speculation that TV psychologist Dr. Phil was going to be brought in to council Evan and Zora about trust issues.

The debut of Joe Millionaire scored 17 million viewers. It was the largest rating for a Fox network debut series since Malcolm in the Middle a few years earlier.

The two-hour finale of Joe Millionaire on 2/17/03 was nothing less than a blockbuster for the Fox network with 40 million viewers tuning in. It was the highest-rated entertainment programming on any network, excluding shows airing directly after the Super Bowl, since the finale of CBS' first edition of "Survivor" in August 2000. The enormous rating was no doubt helped by a huge snowstorm that shut in much of the east coast that night.

Joe Millionaire has aired in several foreign countries so far including Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. The final episode in New Zealand was viewed by half a million people.

The butler Paul Hogan was not told about Evan's secret until the morning of the final shoot. He did have his suspicions, though. He said, "I had a magazine with a photo of a $350,000 Mercedes and [Evan] started to dribble out of the side of his mouth I said, 'Why don't you buy it?' And the way he looked at me... I knew this bloke didn't own $50 million!"

The women spent about five days in France, but they were only allowed out of the hotel on the one day they had a date with Evan.

Zora was offered $1 million to pose fully nude in Playboy and $500,000 to pose topless, but she turned it down. She has NEVER posed nude anywhere despite what some tabloids have reported. Playboy then approached Sarah who accepted $500,000 to pose topless.

Zora's landlords were unhappy when she mentioned on the first episode that her apartment had roaches.

Joe Millionaire was supposed to air a month or two later on the broadcast schedule, but Fox bumped the show up to January due to the huge amount of buzz it was receiving.

The women were told that the title of the show was "The Big Choice."

Evan said he left the hot tub almost immediately after Zora did, but it was edited to make it appear that he stayed.

The women did many interviews during filming, enabling the editors to use bits and pieces of dialogue to pretty much create whatever characters they wanted. Sarah was portrayed as a gold digger, but after reading some interviews with her, I don't believe that she was. She has said that she usually dates guys who are broke and she always pays her own way.

Zora's hometown of Lambertville, NJ didn't seem to care much about Zora being in Joe Millionaire... initially. (Click HERE for photo) It wasn't long before that changed, and the town was going "Zany for Zora" as one local headline said it.

Evan has had training to be a pro wrestler. He trained under the alias Duke Suede before injuries forced him to quit. He was offered a contract by WWE Wrestling shortly after Joe Millionaire ended, but he turned it down because he did not like the storyline that was proposed to him. WWE wanted him to play a character that beat up women wrestlers.

Sarah and Paul the butler appeared in a TV commercial for WPLJ radio. Sarah and a brunette (I believe it is one of the women from the TV show "Charmed") are sitting in a room that looks much like the Salon from the Chateau. Paul announces that they can choose either a WPLJ radio (which is displayed in a glass case) or they can have the two bachelors (DJs Scott and Todd who are dressed up in tuxedos). Sarah takes one look at them and says "We'll take the radio." It then cuts to a scene outside where the two women are in a convertible with the radio and a dejected Scott and Todd are standing nearby. Paul says, "I do admire your good taste." The women then drive off. Sarah has said she felt like saying to Paul, "You better not get too close. I might run over your feet for saying all those bad things about me!" She claims he said some mean things about her during the show.

Sarah is working on both a novel and a cookbook. She has talked several people out of going on reality shows. She lost her job at the mortgage company where she worked because of her portrayal as a golddigger.

Evan was offered a "correspondent" job on Entertainment Tonight, but turned it down because he didn't want to be "that guy" standing on red carpets, bombarding celebrities with inane questions. (He did, however, take co-host Mary Hart on a date.)

Originally, there was not going to be a sequel to Joe Millionaire due to the obvious reason that it would be impossible to once again attempt a $50 million lie, but that changed after the show became a blockbuster. The show will be back but not in the same form.

Zora and Helene Eksterowicz of The Bachelor have quite a bit in common. In many ways, they have lived parallel lives. Both graduated from Rutgers University in 1997. Both were elected homecoming queen by their respective high schools. Both are unusually beautiful and work with school-aged children. Both had a handsome bachelor propose marriage in front of millions of people (okay, Evan never proposed!), and both captured the hearts of television viewers worldwide when they starred in recent hit reality shows. Eksterowicz prevailed over 24 women in ABC’s series The Bachelor, which aired in October and November 2002, and received a 2.15-carat diamond engagement ring from bachelor Aaron Buerge. But neither her nor Andrich wound up marrying their respective bachelors.

Zora has said that Evan was actually more intelligent than the editing of the show made him appear to be.

One of Zora's favorite memories was actually never filmed. The night after she met Evan in the ballroom, they had a big production party. It was the first time in a month that she heard music and was able to dance (with the crew-producers, cameramen, etc). She had a blast and was also relieved that it was all over. No more cameras on her!

Fun fact: About one-third of the applicants for a typical dating show are rejected because they test positive for herpes.

There were rumours that Evan was favored to star in the next Superman movie, but he has said that it is not true.

"One time a bat flew into Heidi's room, and she became a total pain," says Paul the butler.

It was at a Christmas party in 2001 where Evan met a casting agent who would work on Joe Millionaire. It took a long time for the producers to find the right person for the lead role. The women were already at the chateau for several days before Evan was cast. The problems with casting almost caused the show to be shut down before it even began!

Evan says he really did only make $19,000 a year, despite the fact that the average California construction worker earns $35,737 yearly. Evans says that for half the spring he did not work due to the weak economy.

The producers screened almost 5000 women for the show.

The women who were eliminated were required to stay in France for the entire 24-day shoot because if they had been allowed to immediately go home, it would have been easy for the press to figure out who was eliminated. The women got to tour Paris on Fox's dime and stay in a hotel in nearby Tours, France.

Evan worked for 2 years as a bell-hop at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, the same hotel used for the movie Pretty Woman.

Evan and Sarah acted as romance experts for the July 13, 2003 TNT movie Prince Charming. There are little clips of them talking about "happily ever after" and so on. On their reunion, Sarah had said, "He gave me a big hug... and told me about 10 times how much he liked my Playboy spread." Evan is also in the August 17 ABC Family movie See Jane Date as a real jerk. Reportedly, he didn't even have to audition because the producers thought he'd be a really good bad date.

Evan also will appear in the low-budget comedy Miss Castaway as a cocky TV reporter stranded on an island with 40 pageant queens. Evan said, "For once, I'll enjoy playing an a--hole... The selection of women here is a heckuva lot better than the selection on Joe Millionaire!"

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