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The majority of what I've read shows that most people are hoping Zora will win. While I am relieved that the majority of people still root for the "good girl" and respect her for her values, and while Zora is the best girl by far on this show, I hope and pray that she doesn't win. I hope, instead, that she runs as far and fast as she can away from this guy before she gets hurt any worse than she's already going to be. If "Evan" did choose her in the end then I'm sure it has devastated her to see the way he acted with Melissa and Sara.

I don't see any way for this to work out well for Evan now. If he chose Sara then she probably dumped him when she found out he didn't have the millions, and if he chose Zora then she probably dumped him when she found out what he did with the other girls. It's really tragic that he had to act like such a dog because I think Zora is the only one that would have stayed with him whether he was rich or poor. She truly deserves a prince!

Zora - if you're reading this honey, don't give up! Keep your morals and standards high. There are still some good guys out there who will have done the same, so don't ever settle for less. You're PURE GOLD!

Did you see Sara and Melissa get so excited when they said Evan's choice would get a diamond necklace and they were like OOOH. Zora was neither elated or disappointed. Just appreciative. I don't think he deserves her or could keep her. She is a gem.

I think Zora is a beautiful girl. Not only just on the outside, but also on the inside. She has her values and principles. And she's just trying to be herself. You tell from how she didn't want to show off her body in bikinis (just because she could, like the other girls), and also how she didn't unpack her suitcase because she wasn't here to fight and win this "game". I think she has a great body and great looks, she just didn't want to flaunt it like the rest of the girls. I think she's got real class. Also, I thought it was so sweet when Evan opened the door for her and she got inside and moved over for Evan. (Did anybody notice that?) This shows that she's a very caring and considerate person. I almost think she's too good for Evan. I kind of wish that she doesn't win because I don't want to see her heart broken. I really would love to see the look on Sarah's face when she hears about the truth. Because it seems like she is in it for the money.

WOO-HOO! GO Zora! She's gonna win the "millionaire"! I been rooting for her ever since the tangerine in my teeth line! That girl has some game!

I'm lovin Zora. I hope he chooses her and then tell her the "secret". I think she'd be relieved (sp?) the $$$$ seems to freak her out a bit. I think she likes him but is intimidated almost like she's unsure how to relate to the fact that he's got that $$$$. I'm not tryin to down Zora at all, I'm just sayin that take the $$ outta the scenario and I think she'd be just as open as Evan keeps trying to make her be. Zora is the only one there confident enough in herself to be able to not compete. She wants him to like her for her not for how fake she can be or what she can do for him physically. She's Awesome!!!

Zora will be a winner no matter what! She is beautiful and genuine. Even if Evan doesn't pick her, she has been true to herself, and can hold her head up high. After seeing the class she has on the show, what guy wouldn't want to date her?

I would have to agree Zora showed major class in the hot tub date. From wearing the t-top to leaving when the other three "ladies" (I'm using that term lightly) showed up attempting to out show her. If truth be told, Zora is well- endowed enough to have made the other three look flat chested. She always dresses with a classic sense of style. That she's not stooping to the same level of using sex to win Evan over shows she's a notch above the other girls. But all this isn't surprising, since she's been a class act since the start. Let's not forget she was the one who was left out on a dress in the first show, yet didn't make a fuss or have a fit, and came out looking lovely in her gown. She isn't playing at being "best friends" with the other girls. She has the common sense to realize something isn't right about the whole 50 million thing, so she's being leery about opening up to him.

Overall, she has had me rooting for her since day one. Go Zora and put those other trashy girls to shame!

Zora if you are reading this thread, I am 15 year old girl and I am your biggest fan. You are such a classy woman and I admire you helping people. I want to be like you someday. Good luck and take care!

Zora, you are SO genuine! I posted a message 2 weeks ago that you looked uncomfortable being around that much money, and I'm glad I was right, because that makes you so much sweeter in my eyes! You're awesome, and a real role model to little girls watching the show. :)

Dear Zora,

As a graduate of Catholic School, I can hear Sister Mary Estelle saying that bad girls get left on the shelf and the good girls get chosen.

Then there is the saying, "Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go every where."

You have proven Sister Mary Estelle was correct.

I have voted for you from the beginning because I liked your honesty and I loved the way you got so excited the day you went horseback riding with Evan. I also liked you never got involved with the others when they were backstabbing each other. Your modesty in the hot tub, I found charming, since you were not eager to expose yourself and charms to a man you barely knew.

I'm very happy for you, Zora. Even if you don't stay with Evan at least for tonight the "Good Girl" finished first.

I agree - Zora, you are wonderful. You deserved to win, and you are so good- hearted, you deserve the money, and all the good that comes to you in the future. I chose you on the first show - and I'm so happy tonight! It is so refreshing to see good things happen to good people - you're so rare these days. Best of luck!

To Zora,

I spotted you when you entered the Ball on the first episode. It was in your eyes. During the weeks which we were allowed to see glimpses of you, it affirmed my feelings that you are truly the rare diamond that we hope to find on the beaches of life.

I wept when you spoke of selling your necklace to help your dying aunt. You are truly one of the kindest and deepest hearts to be seen in public to such a large audience. Zora, you've captured the hearts of the US population.

Please accept my sincere best wishes for you and yours all of your life.



I agree with everybody that Zora deserved all she got. Although I told myself I would not watch another reality show, I was sucked into this trip when I saw Zora for the first time. I watched the final episode tonight and really hoped he would not pick Zora because I don't think they are a good match and that would mean Zora is still in the world of the singles. Very few times in my life, have I seen such a beautiful woman with a genuine heart. I wish I would have known Zora before this all happened or had just the slightest chance to meet her. As a single 34 year old guy living in Montana, people just don't realize just what a treasure Zora could be to any man. I would have melted to just meet her once but I will have to settle for knowing an american sweetheart really does exist. We will miss you Zora. I wish you the best of luck. Z


You are simply amazing. I've only watched the show a few times but each and every time you amazed me. You talked about selling one of your necklaces to help your Aunt. You don't need any of those gems since you are the most precious gem of all. I only wish I could find a woman with half your character.

I appreciate your compassion and love of others. You truly are a gift. You truly deserve the fairy tale but I don't think it's with Evan. The man that is fortunate enough to take your hand in marriage some day will be very, very lucky and I hope he is deserving of you.

I'm sure you will never read this message but if you do, you've given me some hope that I will find love with a woman with the unique qualities you possess.

Thank you,


Zora - if you're really out there - just wanted to let you know I was skeptical of this show until you displayed an amazing amount of grace and integrity at the end - you are the reason why reality TV has some value. You are real and genuine and deserve nothing but the best -whether or not that's with Evan (if so, he's one extremely lucky guy). I was thrilled at the end knowing you got 1/2 million as you and your family deserve that and I'm sure will use it well. Best wishes and god bless!

I've been a fan of Zora's since the very first episode. I was so glad to see her enter the room that night. They are so meant to be and I must say that I love it that the gold-digger didn't win the hottie! Zora seems like such a wonderful person,genuine,sweet,caring! She's da' bomb!

Genuine, compassionate, and did anyone note the episode where Evan watch her as she petted the horses on her date..who couldn't notice how genuine she is ...I am more captivated with her than EVAN and I trully hope he give her the true treatment she deserves. Also her community advocacy in dealing with the elderly says alot about her personal character and how she can love in life, perhaps Evan saw that and new that not only did his choice needed looks but they also needed compassion over glamour...he could never go wrong with Zora if he acknowledges the type of woman she is! GO ZORA!!

Darn RIGHT Zora Rocks! She is beautiful, down to earth, intelligent and most importantly, genuine.

And she's a teacher, a fine profession. :)


Yea, whatever product she endorses, i'm def. buying it. ZORA is like my HERO..she's awesome...i love's my goal to meet her! is so nice to see a sane, loving, kind woman with sense on reality tv! You set a great example for all by consistently taking the high road. I hope all your wishes come true.


I hope that you will remain mostly unchanged by this experience. I hope that it will enhance your life and your future with Evan is blessed and filled with all the best life has to offer. I hope your aunt is doing better I will pray for your family. You are an inspiration and an example of what kind of role models we are missing today. I would be honored to have you teaching my children.

Zora is such a role model. As I was watching 2nite...I said to myself, she truly is an inspiration. I am 20 years-old & I look to her now as a role model. In the way I am a lot like her. I am so at ease to know there are these type of woman out there, & that I can be happy with being who I am, & just a down to earth natural person, who doesn't need to show off & things of that nature to win people. I mean I look at my 14 year old sister, & how different we are...she is more the Sarah type & she thinks she is the best person in the world or something. It makes me see how she is & then look at myself & be proud!

& it's great to see such a wonderful, real, caring, man like Evan...& seeing how what type of girl he chose. It's so nice to see someone like himself with such a beautiful lady. They are so perfect together!

But yeah want to end this by saying Zora has given me so much confidence now, I so want to thank her!!! I can proudly say she is someone I now look up to. She has shown me soooo much!!! & that there is other women out there like me....& that there are still some guys out there who appreciate that part of a person more than anything else. Now if I can find him one day,lol I still have many years ahead of me tho:)

Thank You Zora for what you have shown me & Thank you Evan for picking & truly realizing the best! Stay together!!!!


I picked you on the first show as one of the ones to go on and as the show went on I saw the other side of the others but not you. You stayed true and never made anyone else look stupid or feel bad. You are total class and a true Cinderella and I hope you have a wonderful and happy life whatever you do from here. I think it was more of a shock for America to see someone beautiful AND kind AND caring AND honest AND sweet WITH self-worth, then it was just to have someone win a show. Congrats on the money... from someone else who has heated the house with the oven door open, and good luck in love life and happiness. You ARE our Cinderella!


Don't ever change the way you are.....your good heart will always be cause for reward....

You deserve the are a class act....

You sent an important reminder to the American public about being kind and compassionate....I think that was worth more than any amount of money.

May goodness and light follow you all the days of your life.... :-)

Zora if you see this, (which I somehow doubt...but oh well) you didn't just get a sympathy vote from me, you silly girl!! You are a truly amazing woman with a heart of 14K gold! I look up to you. You were the only girl that I could relate to on this show. You are unbelievably ravishing inside and out....and don't ever think any less! There aren't enough people left in the world like you!! It is all of the other people that have the world in the unpleasant state it is in right now. But you always see the best in people and make the best of everything, for that in the end got what you deserved!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to everyone here, I know its kind of late and I hadn't posted anything prior to this list but I'll go ahead and gloat because I can. Its a free country! Nah nah na boooo booooooo!!!!!!!!

I had a gut feeling that Evan would choose Zora tonight but I reeeeally thought she would in turn reject him for lying to her, well and for being such a chump during that hottub scene baaah! But she is just such a truly great girl! Wowww! What a spectacular surprise!!! She is just a great person through and through. I stand up and applaude her. I am sooooo happy for her!!! Go Zora!!!

Zora represents all that is left that is good in this world!

**Big hugs to you Zora!!!**

And what a great ending. Zora, I too now believe in storytell endings. You conducted yourself in a way any young girl could model after. Your town and state should be proud of the way you conducted yourself.


Reyn from Arkansas

As I guy, I rarely get choked up. But to see such a great ending for such a wonderful girl was moving. Zora seems to be a very special woman. I applaud her on being able to overlook not only the adversity that was thrown at her at the end of the show....but also in life. Congratualtions Zora! You are well deserving. Don't change a bit...the world could use more people like yourself!!!! RJ

Congratulations and Best Wishes. You showed class and passion. I cried like a baby. You scared me for a minute. My boyfriend and I watched from day one. You were my choice and I know he has made the right choice. I too enjoy talking and caring for the elderly. They have so much to offer. Thank you for being you. Irene

Zora was the epitome of class. I am so glad she was chosen. No matter what happens, she will make use of the money in a charitable way. From one teacher to another...GO ZORA.. YOu deserved this.

The only thing I know about these woman is the little I have seen of them on TV. Based on what I saw I am so glad to see Evan select Zora. This tells me alot about the character of both of them. Zora, I admire you and you are a woman who has set a good example for all the young ladies watching. You did not do things that did not represent your true character just to get him to like you, you did not manipulate him in any way. You were the woman God created you to be and you did not compromise your morals and values just to get him to chose you. It is about time there is a show with a woman with your character. I hope and pray that ladies of all ages, races, backgrounds will learn from you that being who God created you to be is who you should always be and He will bless you for being true to yourself and maintaining that no matter what or who is at stake. You not only respected yourself but you also showed great respect to Evan by not taking advantage of him or manipulating him. I thought it was great that you would not interact too closely with him physically, including refraining from much kissing or even holding hands, until he made his final decision. Until it was decided that he wanted only to be with you. And the respect you showed him by asking if you could kiss him rather then just doing what you wanted without thinking about what he may want. Thank you for being such a wonderful representation of those woman who are not about getting what you want. "He is mine" just urked me. Who was Sarah to determine that. A relationship is for two people to decide upon not for one to decide and manipulate the other person to get what they want. Congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations Zora! I just wanted to say that you made the show worth watching. It was great watching with my 14 year old dauughter. It just proves that a person can remain true to themselves/ beliefs and still come out the winner. You are an inspiration and I wish you all of the best.


Congratulations! You are quite an inspiration! I, too, am a teacher in my twenties,(I teach special education) and it was so heartwarming to see someone with such strong character come out on top. It's refreshing to know that there are still decent,genuine people out there. Would love to come to "Zora Day" in NJ and thank you in person. All the best to you, you deserve it!


I don't know if you'll ever personally read this but if you do, I want to thank you for being true to your values and standards. I hope you're an inspiration for single ladies and men everywhere to realize the most important thing you can be to someone else is yourself. I love that you have such character and integrity. It's awesome to see someone not get caught up in the world around them. you are a sweet and genuine person, I love that you appreciate God's creation. I train horses and know what it's like to have a bond with them.

May you and Evan be blessed in your relationship and stay true to yourself whether he is the o­nE or not. You deserve the best, don't settle! Hope it all works out for you two.



Zora you rock!! You are such a sweet and sincere person!! I wish you the best of luck in the future! You and Evan make a cute couple and I hope you guys connect!! Best wishes!!

Thanks for representing us females w/so much grace, maturity and kindness.

Dear Zora,

I really enjoyed watching you on TV every week here in Australia. I am also a Serb (15 years old), and I was soooo excited to see that you were going to be on the show when I saw your name come up. I hope that you and Evan are happy, even if you actually get married, which I don't know will happen.

I really admire you and I hope that you are happy and will do some more things on TV.



P.S. I wonder if I could get you're e-mail address? Probably impossible I know! Vidimo se!

Hi Zora!

I am a 10 year old Australian of Serbian origin (came to OZ from Belgrade 8 yrs ago) and am very proud of you! You are beautiful and I hope to become like you one day.

I'd like to find out more about where you came from in Serbia and also bit more about your family.

Hvala i do vidjenja!

Jelena from Perth, Western Australia


You should become an actress. You are so beautiful. Also, then we could have your movies to look forward to.

Luv Linda


We Love you and wish you the best, on or off Joe Millionare! You were the one that actually made the show worth would have been quite boring with just Melissa and Sarah, We now have someone to Root for!

Hey Zora~! You are the bomb on or off the show.. I will alwayz be happy for you no matter what~! I just want you to know that you are an awesome person~!


Hi Zora,

I hope everything goes great for you in the future. We all know that you are no longer with Evan (or never was) I really thought there was something there between you two. What I was wondering was did the decision to not see each other come before the show aired or after you started watching the shows editing, and the things that was going on with the other girls? I have so much respect for you for working with the elderly. I have been working in a nursing home for 11 years now (since I graduated from high school) and there is soooo many rewards in doing this. Heartbreaking at times. But I think that it takes a special child of god to do this and be with someone who most people have just gave up on because they are old. Thanks for being you, and not being ashamed of it.---- Robin

You are the bomb Zora~! We all love you~!

I found myself glued to Fox on Mondays just to see her. She's absolutely beautiful and seems to have so much class. Her giving attitude and love for people in general are touching. She is a lady I would be proud to have in my life. I was so impressed with her morals and outlook on things. Wow, too bad I couldn't have met her before.


Evan was the winner in this deal. You are a wonderful person and deserve the best that life has to offer. I was thrilled to see that Evan saw through the others. To me, it proves that Evan is also a nice person [a good heart draws good things near]. All the best to you (with or without Evan, although I truly hope you guys give it a fair shot---you look wonderful together and he seems to be a nice guy too)! And p.s. don't let the other dates ruin a relationship with Evan---remember he had to play along with the game and he chose you! Oh, I can't wait for the rerun tomorrow night so I can cry again at how beautiful it all was. Again, BEST WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL LIFE!


I think you are an awesome person. Good luck in the future with Evan, you make a very cute couple. I hope you can make it work, and love each other for who you are on the inside. I wish you well!


Hi Zora,

I really would like to thank you for your contribution to that silly show. YOU made it real. I must admit that I began to watch for the typical cynical reasons. ( I am divorcing and I have been recently treated VERY VERY VERY badly.) You helped renew my spirit and hope for love. Instead of hoping for a "gold digger" to get hers, I began to hope for a real girl to get her real dreams. Not all women are selfish. You are a blessing. You are a real girl. I know you are still sooo busy. Keep it real. Isn't it interesting that we are all searching for that real love still? Isn't that what draws people to shows like Joe Millionaire? Real love? Love is the deepest of emotions and the foundation of everything, and love is felt most through the window of brokeness. Grace to you,



I'm writing to say how 'taken' I was by you on Joe Millionaire. I knew from the moment you appeared that you would be the one... if not for Evan for any decent man who values honesty, sincerity, empathy and intelligence. I wish you luck in your career and truly envy the man that wins your heart.

Take care and best wishes,


Hey Zora,

I loved the show "Joe Millionaire". Zora was my favorite from start and till the end. There are not enough people in this world like her. I appreciate her kindness and caring for others. I too am a caregiver. I tutor less fortunate children as my volunteer work. I love helping others. I felt so touched when Zora said this quote about her involvement with the elderly "it's my heart work". I feel the same way, it makes me feel more rich than any amount of money. I hoped that her and Evan could have had a future together, but as I read, it didn't work out.

All I have to say is, Zora Andrich, I know that your soulmate is there awaiting you. Never give up and your knight in shining armor will come for you. See, right when I thought there was no one there for me, that's when my fiance of 2 years walked into my life. I know you will find your soulmate, and I have faith in you and know that you will always be the beautiful person that you are inside and outside.

You are a great person, and I only want the best for you.

Love and Light,


Hi Zora,

Just wanted to say I am glad you won the show and the money. I said you would stay the whole time and all my friends doubted me. I am glad to see a level headed person such as yourself to finally come out on top of one of these reality shows. Even though "Joe" came from my home state of Virginia and almost from my hometown down in Virginia Beach we are not all like him if you grew up down there.

I currently live in Cape May, NJ and am stationed on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dependable. It is not home but it is as close as I could get to it. New Jersey is starting to grow on me so I say way to go on how you played the game and how you put your winnings to work for your family. Good luck in all you do on or off the camera. If you ever venture down to Cape May I would be glad to give you a tour of our ship.

Take care and Good Luck

Adam, MK1, U.S. Coast Guard

Ms. Andrich:

When I watched Joe Millionaire it was happenstance. I was sick of the gold digger shows, sick of the mutilation of women's values in our society. What really "hooked" me to continue watching each week is the mystic in you Zora.

I wept when you won.

Yes, you taught me to accept the beauty of myself. Not to be ashamed to feel the passion of my joy. What a wonderful mirror you are for us!

I choose carefully how I write this as you have such stunning, physical beauty and it's easy to digress from the beauty of your soul which speaks the quietest yet most profound beauty of you.

Would I write this if you weighed 300 pounds? Would I be in such "awe" of the depth of your Spirit?

This is what you have taught me Ms Andrich. You have taught me to "open my eyes" and to see the beauty that lives and breathes in us; the infinite dance of infinity. Thank you for helping me to see the unseen. Thanks for reminding me of the compassion I have failed so many times to give. Thanks for being the true Sagittarian and teaching me in so little "time", how wonderful life "is". You won a half-a-million dollars, but "reminded" me of joy, no money can buy.

You are a moment of infinity that breathes infinite.

Joy is your Future for Joy is your Essence.

Mel G

Hi Zora,

I wanted to say I think you are a very beautiful woman. Best of luck to you and may happiness always follow you wherever you go!



Hi there!

Ever since the show ended, I am still amazed how that fairytale happened. Anyway, you deserved to be the chosen one. I am so proud of you. You are so decent yet adventurous. Keep up the good heart.


Annabelle Salazar

Manila, Philippines


I cheered at the T.V. when you won, I would just like to say that you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, and even though I am 9 years younger than you... you are "my girl on tv".


We still haven't forgotten you Zora! You are a great woman. Hope we can hear from you. God bless you. You have our support and love.

Lilly & Mike

Hey Zora!!!

hi..whatzup? im stephanie all the way from SINGAPORE!! so,greetings from singapore!! actually,we are currently only at the 3rd episode of JOE MILLIONAIRE but already,i do like ya the most among all the girls!!! ya are just so down-to-earth,sweet,sincere and of course, someone with a big heart (as i have read on some articles regarding to ya on the net!!) congrats on winning the show but ya know what.. evan doesnt deserve ya for ya deserve someone much better and genuine than he is!!! that's why ya are called THE AMERICAN SWEETHEART!! the name says it all!! and it's so damm cool that your hometown actually named a day after ZORA DAY!!! =) i would love to visit Lambertville one day just to experience a change from my busy and hectic lifestyle in singapore!! by the way,teen choice awards g=have a few categories which are devoted to reality tv show but unfortunately,they didnt nominate ya as one of their nominees for best reality for female..well, sure that had ya been nominated..u would no doubt win it all!! cz u rock!! so take care and i hope to hear from ya soon...thanks!!

steph =)

I had the honor of watching Joe Millionaire and i was extremely jealous when Evan chose Zora because of the incredible gal she is and not many of us are lucky enough to get a chance to date such a good person who is gorgeous where it counts and thats inside ( as well as on the outside of course )......she left a lasting impact in my life in that even though i have been through some tribulations in my life along with many others when it comes to relationships there are still women like Zora out there and that keeps my faith in women alive. My name is Jason and i am 28 years old from the Washington DC suburbs ( Germantown,MD to be exact) and i can only hope that Zora is doing alright after i read of her breakup with Evan.....that guy is crazy for not even giving it a chance but i'm sure it will work out the best for her.....i couldn't believe he would give up such a special girl but i guess thats what happens when you obtain a big head and get a little bit of stardom in this country.....and thats what seemed to happen to Mr. Joe Millionaire unfortunately.... but i am happy i found this website and was able to share a few words to Zora....because even though that show has been off the air for a good 4 or 5 months i will always remember that beautiful smile and kind heart of Zora's and that is for sure!!! Take care and good luck to you and i hope things have cooled down in your life now that the show has been over for a while....

Hello Zora. Here's a fan from the Philippines. Now I know someone listens when I shout "Long live goodness!" Hope to recieve an e-mail from you.


I can't speak for all the women in Florida but I can honestly say that I have never heard any of my friends or coworkers say anything but praise about you Zora. Everyone I know thinks you are beautiful, smart, sweet and kind. You deserve a man who is equally rich in those areas. God bless you sweetie in your future endeavours.


Hi Zora ...

This might sound a little goofy but I'd like to thank you for renewing my hopes that there is someone good out there for all of us. Let me explain: I live in southern California where 90% of the women here are so fake and plastic that if you don't look like Adonis or have a fat bank account you don't get noticed. You're refreshingly real. After watching you on "the show" I realized that there are good and decent girls out there and that if I'm patient I'll find one too. I'd love to find someone who cares about the world and the people in it as you do, someone who isn't interested in all the fancy trappings. I'll bet you'd be just as happy in jeans watching a beautiful sunset as you would be drenched in diamonds at the fancy ball!

Anyway, I didn't want you to think I was seeking you for romance, I'm just an ol' hippie, definately not your type, but I wanted to wish you all the best with your success and I hope that after the media frenzy settles down that you can relax and enjoy what you've got. I can't think of a nicer person to recieve such blessings. We're all players in the heart of gold band.

Take care Zora,

Greg Gillis

Dear Zora,

Let me introduce myself first: I'm a girl of 25 years old and I am living in Jakarta (Indonesia, south east Asia) right now. My father was Italian and my mother is Indonesian. Since I saw on Indonesia TV the program "Joe Millionaire" every day I looking in the internet for news about you; I admire you so much because you never try to expose your self. You prefered moving from your old appartment to a new house to avoid the press, the money that you won you shared with your family.... You are an extraodinary example for all the girls in the world.

My dream is to be one of your friends (I know that is a dream, but if people stop to dreaming, we won't have anything to believe in!), at least friend-pena.

Hope you will reply to this email and sorry for my horrible english!!

Thank you so much in advance.


Hello Zora!

I think that you are just gorgeous. You are amazing! I know you hear it every single day, but I just wanted to tell you. I am so into reality TV ... and when I saw Joe Millionaire, and when I saw you on it, I just knew that you would win! I mean, you're great, beautiful, intelligent ... not to mention that you have such a wonderful, warm, and kind heart. That's the thing that I admire about you the most, you are just lovely. By the way, my name is Katharine, and as you already know, I am a huge fan! I know that you get fan mail, and I don't expect you to answer to little Katharine, but I would be honored if you can e-mail me back. Thank you! You are the best!


Dear Zora,

Just a short note.

This may sound a bit trite or .......... I'm not one to send "fan mail" and I usually avoid reality TV shows like the plague but the 'Joe Millionaire' series was probably one of the most positive in that the winner was rewarded for being decent.

While it is hard to judge people by what is presented on TV (after all we only see what THEY want us to see), I picked you early in the series as the most desirable (moral,honest etc) and was pleased to see that I was proved right as the show progressed. I was ecstatic when you won and most deservedly too.

Wishing you all the best for the future and if you find your true partner he will be surely blessed.


Great website for Zora...I'm in the process of adding this link to my site...check it out:

Just when we thought all the hype was over...Joe Millionaire 2 to begin October 20! HOW? Those poor Best wishes!

MOJO (Melissa Jo)

Firstly, I just wanted to say Thank U SO Much for creating such a Beautiful site for Darling Zora. Secondly, if you do get the opportunity to pass this message on to her, it would be Muchly appreciated...but eitha way, Thank U SO Much for taking the time to read this!!!

I hav been looking for a way to contact Darling Zora since Joe Millionaire was aired down here in Australia!!! I'm now 19, but was 18 at the time the series was on................Zora was the one thing that made me want to watch every episode, I just couldn't believe how much of a Beautiful, Caring, Generous, Selfless & Gorgeous Soul she was!!! Even if she hadn't "won" in the end...she was such a winner in my she remained herself & continued to be such an amazingly Beautiful person through out the whole series.I will be more than happi if I turn out to be anything like our Darling Zora....of course I will neva be as Gorgeous exterior wise, but I hope I can touch people & allow people to realise that people who genuinely care for others & who are not selfish can also succeed!!!

If Darling Zora eva gets the chance to reply I would be so Thankful....but if not, I totally understand & wish her the best of luck with everything she does.

Once again, Thank U So Much for ur work on the Gorgeous site, Thank U SO Much for ur time,

Much Luv,

Zora... Its really quite funny how about a year ago I was watching you on tv and the other women competing to win the heart of Evan. I was extremely happy when I heard he chose you because you were the kindest most down to earth of them all...not to mention the best looking. The women there were such idiots and I'm glad that for once there was justice and that you won and came out being the better woman. A few weeks ago I found out that one of the guys who works out at this gym near my house is in fact the boyfriend of one of the women who were on the show. Heidi...remember her and her overly confident self. I feel horrible to think that such a witch has such a good looking, humble boyfriend. I guess men like to be treated bad. The point of this email was to let you know that I enjoyed the show and want to show my support to you and all that you are. You are a wonderful person and I wish the best for you....

shelly :)

ok, i'm crazy, no just a 39 year old school teacher who thinks Zora is the most beautiful woman in the world. If you would just pass that on

thank you



My name is Sonya.

I live in India. I just wanted to say that I admire Zora for sticking to her stand and showing more class than anyone else in the show.

I'm sorry she and Evan broke up, but I guess she doesn`t deserve a guy as shallow as that.

She`s better than that, she`s meant for more of a life.

All the best to her


Hi Zora,

I've recently been watching the show in the UK, it's currently been running for about 4 to 5 weeks, and we are down to the last three ladies. I know who wins and how it all turns out, that's the web for you.

I'd just like to say that, out of all the women who took part in the show, you were the one who right from the very beginning, stood out a mile. I especially liked your calm demeanor as you and Mojo came up the drive of the chateau. You were as calm and collected as an angel, my immediate thoughts were "she's the one, she's gonna make it to the end".

All the others, reactions were silly girly giggles and other such nonsense, you could immediately tell who the money diggers were.

I don't have enough eloquence to express my feelings for you, I mean, I think you are a truly wonderful human being, and I wish you every happiness in the world, until the end of time.

Respect Always

Matt - UK

Hello John,

I'm writing to you from England where I've just witnessed an episode of the dreadful "Joe Millionaire" - the kind of cheap, voyeuristic reality television that I normally steer well clear of.

I watched in horror as the contestants' greed and duplicity was displayed and their blatant gold digging tactics were shamefully misrepresented as "ambition". Just as I was going to switch off the television I caught sight of an angel on screen who seemed somehow out of place among the circling vultures. I watched on, somewhat compelled and was shown a lady of elegance, charm, modesty and stunning, natural and almost mythical beauty.

Her name was Zora.

What supreme class she displayed in the face of such childish and deliberate manipulation. She shined through as a beacon of humanity and I'm so glad to have been exposed to her heartening warmth, honesty and dignity.

John - thank you for providing us with the means to pay our respects to your friend Zora.

I hope she succeeds in everything she attempts.

Good luck to you Zora. You deserve all that you desire.

Best regards, Constantine

Hi Zora,

The Joe Millionaire show has just started to be shown on TV in England this weekend 3rd & 4th January 2004.

We have just had the first 2 shows, both on this weekend. I have to say right from the start I thought WOW!! what a woman. Not pushy, not overdoing the glam look, not bitchy.....just looking fantastic without trying and having a heart of gold (I hope).

I just had a quick peek at your friend John's website and found this link, so was just wanting to say hi from England, and was sooooo delighted to see you get through the first 2 stages.

Best wishes

Mike Dale


You bring HOPE to the world! They just finished airing the show here in Finland and I was really surprised to find something (/-one) so mature and intelligent in the show. With your attitude and values you rose so high above the others. It was beautiful to see how you handled the competition by staying true to yourself. Please, hold on to your values. They will make the world a better place.

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

You shine just like sunlight rays on a winter snow

I just had to tell You so..."

- Lenny Kravitz

All the best,



I found this e-mail address when searching the web and wanted to drop you a note to say, first of all, Congratulations on losing the 17 pounds and, secondly, Congratulations on the Spokesperson position with NutriSystem.

From everything I have read and heard, I am so impressed with your understanding and compassion for all of us that struggle with our weight on a daily basis and I am thrilled that you are involved with the company. I have been involved with NutriSystem for close to 4 years and am impressed with the truly caring people that work for the company (Cathy Cassidy, Mary Gregg, Shannon, Charlie, Dee, etc.) and it is great to see all of the wonderful changes coming with the new management. I am sure you will be a great addition to their marketing plans. After losing over 100 pounds on the program and meeting some incredible people (including fellow big "loser" Dee who I know you have met), it truly has changed my life and I think your genuine enthusiasm will help others to find the program and be successful too.

Good Luck in everything that you do.



Dear Zora,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, applaud you, really, for your inspiration. As a young woman who has struggled with her weight for years, the fact that you have been so open about your weight, and being on a weight-loss program, is amazing. Your story has directly impacted my decision to give NutriSystem a try.

Everyone here in Keene, NH, was rooting for you to win Joe Millionare. This is because you are a woman that other women can relate to and root for! I think you are a class act and thank you again for giving me some much needed encouragement and motivation!



Dear Zora,

This is tanvir from dhaka, bangladesh. here we have star world channel by star asia limited. in the last week i just finished watching the show. here in bangladesh we dont get to see shows made recently rather we see it after a long time. by the time i am writting this e-mail probably thousands have already seen the show.

anyway, it was really nice to see you being who you really are!! As in the TV show, in front of a camera. Isn't it hard to be who you are.? I meant the media is such they want you to do what the viewers will love to see not what the genuinity offers! but I all through your appearance you were the only person (Evan as well!) who seemed down to earth person and a open normal human being.!! i wish all the success in life and i will check out the site for news updates. May all the good things come to you and you may cherish your life the way you want it to be!! Life is one and one is all!!

I know you may not reply since you are probably a busy person and you must be getting a lots of e-mails. still, i would be very happy if i would get a reply from you!

Regards and best wishes




My name is Andri and I am from Indonesia.

I am not a fan of Joe Millionaire but I often watched the program lately.

I just want to tell Zora that her beauty is coming from her heart. Would you please send my warmest regard to her and I wish her luck.



Dear Zora

Just last two weeks ago i saw the finale of joe millionaire on starworld asia and i felt very happy knowing the Evan choose you over Sara. However i felt bad that when joe millionaire aftermath was aired yesterday i never saw you and evan held hands nor kissed. So i guess Evan was not your type :). You deserve someone else better. I don't know if my email can capture your attention but i just really like to know you more and since im in the philippines it will be hard for me to get track of you. I just wish you could update me of your latest project. I would really like/love to see you do a movie with Hugh Grant or Matt Damon. However i know that it's not your line to do any movies. You just capture my emotion, that is why i really love to see in TV or movie even after Joe Millionaire. Can you update me of your latest passion, fashion, hobbies and wisdom. I am also a teacher, and i just wish you the best.


Hi Zora, I just finished watching 'The Aftermath' interviews after watching the whole series. I must say that Evan sure picked the best girl in the show. You are good looking, down to earth, and most of all a very nice person, and you have an incredible name.

I just read on the website and only just found out that Zora and Evan have since split up, which is a shame. Nevertheless, Zora You are a cracking person, so you take your time and get a guy that deserves you.

Take Care,

Norrie Lynch Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Hi there!

I'm Ryta, from Malaysia and we've just been shown the last episode of Joe Millionaire today (via satellite tv - Star World on Astro)

I would be much obliged if you could pass this message to Zora, thanx!

Firstly, in my opinion, this TV fairy tales story looks surreal, everything is soo.... nice and so cute... especialy the ending part.

I like to see parts where Zora showed up and she accept him and they hugged and kissed together... really that makes me cry! It seems so nice, so cute together and so much meant for each other!

However, a fairy tale is a fairy tale after all (except for the money!). I read much in the internet of stories after the last episode parts and I couldn't judge whether both of them are really have broke up.

If what I've read was real, to Zora, be strong... people know who u are now... and you may get anyone u like... there are true prince charming for you outside somewhere....

If not, if you still together with Evan... hope you have a long lasting relationships and it will end up just like a fairy tale should be....

I just love both of you - Evan and Zora.

Good Luck!


Dear Zora,

In this day and age it is so refreshing to see someone on TV that is down to earth like you. And after reading your inspirational notes that is posted at this web site, I see you are down to earth off TV too. Those notes caught my interest more than the nice pictures of you that are in the two web sites that bear your name. I especially enjoyed reading, " the power of prayer" and "the five rules to be happy"and the following notes. Did you ever read something that someone wrote where you know exactly they are talking about from your own experiences? That's the way I felt. I even printed them out and showed my fiancé, who wanted a copy. I wish I would have listened to people who were telling me simular things when I was your age but I was stubborn always worried about gettiing not giving . Oh well, as the old German saying goes, "Too soon oldt und too late schmart!"

I wanted to encourage you to not only focus on your outward beauty but also to focus on your inward beauty. And that inward beauty in the end becomes more important than the outward beauty. There are so many woman who are blessed with outward beauty but inwardly they are shallow , self absorbed and inwardly ugly. That ugliness can get so bad it can destroy the outward beauty. But a woman who focuses on her inward beauty makes her outward beauty glow.

I think at times in your life you have known what it means to be in want. And I think God has used thoses experiences to shape you into the kind of person you are today. "That's why there is a purpose to life's events." You've got a good heart. Keep on helping the elderly and hope Pawz is going well. It really is a good idea. (When my mother was in a nursing home she felt so cheered up when they brought dogs in to visit the nursing home patients.)

Don't give up your principles, character, and morals for any amount of money. Good morals, character and principles are worth more. Remember to pray like Louise did, "Dear Lord, you know my needs and I am leaving this in your hand."

Wishing you the best and have a Happy Thanksgiving,


Hi Zora,

I am really amazed with your looks and personality. It's really hard to find these days.

You have become the example for everybody out there that people must be caring, loving and helping to other people. Basically, people need to realize the potentiality of love and affection that the world is surviving onto.

My name is Sarad. It implies the autmumn season. Like the autumn season, where the leaves are so soft, the climate is neither so cool nor hot, singing of the birds and rivers, well, you are all of that.

And I would be glad if you become my friend.For the rest of the future, I always wanna wish you a very happy and prosperous life.Good luck!!!


Hi Zora

My husband and I watched with interest the show "Joe Millionaire". Have to say, I liked Joe, thought he was a nice guy, but we could see from the first time Evan saw you, there was a little spark and I was glad you were not all over him like a rash like some of the girls were!! Glad you were a bit more reserved. Very happy you won, but even if true love didn't come out from the experience, I hope you have found a least a good friendship with Evan.

And I did think Evan was a bit of a "goofball", but then so is my husband!! LOL! Also I am glad that you got out of the tub that time your date was interupted by the other girls, couldn't believe they couldn't respect your privacy that evening with Evan, then of course Evan didn't do much to dissuade them!! Still, it seemed to work out in the end anyway.

Both wanted to wish you well and Evan of course in whatever the future brings for you both, both in your public and private lives. Have a happy & peaceful Christmas and all the best for 2004.

Best wishes


Dear Zora

Just last two weeks ago i saw the finale of joe millionaire on starworld asia and i felt very happy knowing the Evan choose you over Sara. However i felt bad that when joe millionaire aftermath was aired yesterday i never saw you and evan held hands nor kissed. So i guess Evan was not your type :). You deserve someone else better. I don't know if my email can capture your attention but i just really like to know you more and since im in the philippines it will be hard for me to get track of you. I just wish you could update me of your latest project. I would really like/love to see you do a movie with Hugh Grant or Matt Damon. However i know that it's not your line to do any movies. You just capture my emotion, that is why i really love to see in TV or movie even after Joe Millionaire. Can you update me of your latest passion, fashion, hobbies and wisdom. I am also a teacher, and i just wish you the best.



I think Zora is just the best. Ever since I watched the show I really liked her a lot & really wanted her to win. I also watched the show only for her. She is such a down to earth person. Well, I have no words to really appeciate her but definitely she is one in a million! I love her!

Hello Zora

I'm Jenny 18yr from India. I really admire you. I like you ever since I saw you on the show. You are so down to earth & extremly gorgeous & of course deserve the best in life. I wish you all the best in life & in the future "long live goddess" I wish I would at least recieve an email from you. If not, it's ok. I love you!

Lots of love, huggs, kisses

well done to zora. just watched the finale on tv tonite. she was the most genuine and honest person on the whole programme and i hated a few of the money grabbers and could'nt believe when they were filtering through everytime. you could see the pure honesty in all her feelings..especially when all the lassies joined them in the jacuzzi and she just flipped!!! he's a lucky lad!!

zora is an stunning lassie with a super personality and a figure to die for.

i hope her life gets only's great to see a decent person make something for themselves , for all the right reasons.

please give her all the luck and all the love from all the people in Scotland !

good on ya lass !

Zora, You were one of my favorite girls on the show. It wasn't because of your beauty, it was because you respect yourself and the people around you. You also didn't throw yourself at Evan or act 'outta order'. I cried when you won, I was so happy for you. You are a very humble person and regardless of how the media has treated you or even the ignorant things that ignorant men have said about you, I have never heard you speak ill of anyone. And that, i feel makes you a true woman and an even better human being. I hope to see you on a fashion runway real soon, and by the way, your body is nice regardless of that "dress" situation.

"Live for the day, for tomorrow is not guaranteed, smile until your jaws hurt, and always keep your heart in your chest and not on your sleeve." take Care, Sweetie! Jayna

I believe Zora made the first Joe Millionare a success. She was so classy and beautiful, everything that every man wants.

That is one reason why I believe the second installment of Joe Millionare is such a bomb. Not to mention David is less that interesting. I don't personally know David (He hails from Midland Tx, my hometown), but I do know his ex-girlfriend, and she has nothing but boring things to say about him.

Anyways, the main ingredient missing from this JM is the fact that none of the women are like Zora. In the first JM, everone became so infatuated with her personality. Almost everyone I knew wanted her to take the prize (which she did, happily), incuding myself. She was just so great.

But in this JM, I just don't feel that any of the girls are as genuine as Zora was. They don't have that spark, charisma, beauty, or anything else that Zora had for that matter. I'm not rooting for anyone like I was for Zora.

No one can be as great as she was, which is why this JM just doesn't make the grade...


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