Joe Millionaire's Zora Experiences
'Reality Weight Loss' and Becomes NutriSystem Spokesperson

HORSHAM, Pa., Nov. 21, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Joe Millionaire winner, Zora Andrich, recovers from the embarrassing "dress" scene by losing 17 pounds in six weeks on NutriSystem (OTCBB:THIN). After years of struggling with unwanted weight, the last straw for Zora was when they couldn't zip up her dress on national television. It was in the ball gown scene of the first episode of Joe Millionaire. One contestant commented, "Poor Zora, she is just a different shape and a different size," which really impacted Zora.


Joe Millionaire - Getting into a dress

Before NutriSystem

After NutriSystem

"Whether or not people tell you to your face or say it behind your back, the pain of being overweight can be debilitating," said Zora. "Some people might take the initiative to lose weight for a wedding or graduation, or in my case, after being ridiculed on national television. Whether you have 17 pounds or 117 to lose, your self esteem greatly suffers."

After the show, Zora made a commitment to lose weight in a healthy way that would poise her for being able to keep it off. She joined the NutriSystem weight loss program.

"I have always had a problem with portion control, a problem which I'm sure many Americans can relate to," said Zora. "I have learned about appropriate portions by eating prepared foods on the program. What I really love is the convenience factor. I know at the beginning of each day exactly what I'm going to eat and I don't have to plan, measure of weigh anything...not to mention, I get to eat chips and chocolate every day. This especially works for me since many diets I tried in the past have left me feeling deprived."

As a result of her weight loss success, Zora has become a NutriSystem spokeswoman.

"I want to help other women, like myself, who have failed at every other diet, lose weight and keep it off," said Zora. "I've already gotten my aunt started on the program. Every time we call each other on the phone, our first words are 'How much today?' In addition to my aunt, I have already inspired three girlfriends to also start the program. I hear the same comments repeatedly, 'I can't believe how easy this program is!' Personally, my only regret is that I didn't start NutriSystem sooner."

Founded in 1972, NutriSystem is a leading provider of weight management products and services. The Company offers a weight loss program based on portion-controlled, prepared meals. The program has no membership fees and provides free on-line and telephone counseling.

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